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A Magic Pill Doesn’t Exist, but Exercise is the Closest Thing to it

If we exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, we would see a lot more than just improvement in our mental health. On a broader note, exercise stimulates new cells’ growth in our bodies, reduces inflammation, and decreases resistance to insulin. In addition to mental health benefits, exercise increases the quality of our life by enhancing our physical functionality and agility. Who wouldn’t like to sprint at the age of eighty after all?

According to Harvard Medical School, we must add the following exercises to our daily exercise regimen.

  • Aerobics (endurance)
  • Balance and flexibility exercises
  • Strength training

When we exercise, our bodies release powerful endorphins that reenergize our bodies, mind, and spirit, leaving us absolutely refreshed and active. These endorphins then work in our minds to help us achieve a level of wellbeing and peace, and work as tremendous natural supplements to help us relax and unwind compared to any other drugs we might take for depression or anxiety.

Exercise Now Can Ward Off Memory Loss Later

It is never too late to develop healthy habits, especially those that can ward off memory issues as we grow old. It is always wise to consult a healthcare professional and take advice concerning our exercise regimen when we are of a certain age. However, for those who can safely afford a little bit of cardio every day, it could work wonders for their memory in the advancing years.

Exercise Boosts Cognitive Function

Workout of any form, as per research evidences, regulates the flow of blood along the frontal cortex of the brain. This is the region that owns control of our body’s ability to organize and speak. Since most seniors suffer from a reduction in the flow of blood as the age advances, it is imperative to stimulate and boost the flow so that the frontal cortex can function at its best level.

Harvard Medical School’s research team and Dana Farber conducted research to show us why our brains work better as we exercise. Exercise releases a molecule in our bodies that encourages cognition and even protects our brain from deterioration.

Final Thoughts

The sense of endless doom in old age is more dangerous than any existent chronic condition. We can call these depressive thoughts the dark forces. However, exercise can boost our blood flow and improve our mood. Let us make it a process to be enjoyed and not to fear. After all, old age is only a testimony of a life lived well and healthily.

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