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Positive Thinking and Movement = Happiness

Happiness is something that virtually no one can live without. This is particularly true for elders. According to studies, the rates of depression among seniors are on the rise. There could be a multitude of reasons why seniors have difficulty in achieving happiness. If you happen to be an elder who is suffering from clinical depression, do not wait around to give your doctor a visit. However, in some cases, depression comes and goes and determining its sources becomes increasingly difficult for adults.

Mental health problems have a ripple effect on human beings. It begins in the mind but can spread physically as well. People facing these issues find difficulty in sleeping, stop eating, (in some cases they begin to overeat), do not exercise, and seclude themselves from everyone. 

It does not have to be that way, however. By taking charge of your own mental well being, you can take certain steps to ensure that you promote happiness in your life. Mentioned below are a few tips that every senior adult must follow to promote happiness in their lives.

1. Maintaining a Gratitude Journal

It does not matter how difficult things get. Being appreciative for the things you have is important. It makes you humbler and makes you think about those who are even less fortunate than you are. Sure, bringing up positive thoughts in your mind can be a tough task during times of difficulty, but writing them down can be extremely helpful as well. The writings come in handy as a reminder for all the good things in life you appreciate.

2. Think Positively

There is no force more powerful than positive thinking. You can achieve this by meditating or thinking about the things that you can change positively around you. Moreover, positive thinking is also a matter of perspective. Reframing negative situations into positive ones is how a person can start thinking positively. It might not be easy in the beginning, but practicing daily and making it a habit will change your mindset and emotional well being positively.

3. Exercise

There is no denying the physical health benefits that working out brings. Physical health and mental health correlate in many ways. Therefore, it would be a wise choice to establish a routine that allows you to exercise regularly. It helps to boost endorphins that energize your mind and body. In addition, exercising also makes you realize the importance of self-care.

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