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The Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is all about relaxation; with the greatest trait being its adaptability to different age groups that have all sorts of needs and physical abilities. Although the popular image of yoga is often a young person poised at an angle that looks beautifully complicated to most people our age, there are yoga poses we can practice comfortably – even from a chair. 

Yoga poses, including chair yoga, keep us connected to the larger world in so many ways that are hugely consequential. Below are some ways in which yoga connects older adults to the larger world. 

Ways In Which Yoga Connects Us To The Larger World

First, yoga is a 5000 plus-year-old practice that originated in India but is being practiced by many people all over the globe. People of all different ages, races and cultures practice yoga regularly.

By practicing yoga, we get to meet and interact with different people in the yoga community and share ideas, knowledge, and experience about yoga. The more we find and connect with like-minded individuals, the more complete and joyous they will feel.

Yoga creates self-awareness, self-respect, and self-compassion. Yes, it requires solitude, but yoga can be practiced in small or large groups, so yogis learn to treat each other with compassion, kindness, and non-judgment. It also teaches patience and tolerance. 

Old age can create loneliness. However, yoga keeps us connected to the environment, society, and the world. It creates a feeling of belonging to something bigger than you, which in turn reduces the risk of depression by keeping your mind full of positive feeling towards the world. 

We are all connected through the vital life force of energy (prana) that flows in and around us. The fact that other people have the power to influence your energy shows how connected we are. Through our actions and deeds, we can dynamically affect each other. Yoga helps older adults to understand this and see the unity between all humans. This changes their perception and relationship with their neighbors, families, and even strangers. It changes their view of the world and creates a connection. 

Lastly, by practicing yoga, older adults can feel a connection with Tao Porchon Lynch – the oldest yoga teacher in the world (101 years old). She believes that 101 is achievable because she wakes with the sun and thinks of all her friends.

During her last birthday, she received messages from all around the world, including Norway, Germany, Indian, Spain, and Brazil. That is how far and wide yoga connections can go.

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