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The Importance of Kicking Bad Habits to the Curb

The bad habits that we adopt during our younger days may not hurt us so quickly. This often makes us believe that we can keep going with our lives without addressing our habits. Little do we know how much pain we could potentially go through when we get older. Several elders pass away because of the vices they develop during their younger days. Habits can becomes so strong over time that it becomes virtually impossible for us to quit despite the damages.

When our vices come back to bite us during old age, our quality of life quickly begins to deteriorate. Our diet is affected, our muscles and bones become weaker, and in some cases, even our social life is negatively impacted. A lot of people tend to become secluded (through no choice of their own) when they get older. They become depressed and are unable to make the most of their days as their vices bring chaos into their lives.

Eliminating or even limiting vices can become a tough task for anyone, let alone us seniors. However, it is important to remember that once we get rid of them, a happy and fulfilling life awaits us.

The following are some things elders can do to live a more fulfilling life.

1. Stop Smoking

Virtually, everyone is aware of how dangerous smoking is.  Its deadly effects are notable on people who smoke daily. However, occasional smoking is not a good thing either. It takes a toll on us after some time, most notably when we get older. Asthma and shortness of breath are just a couple of problems we might face from smoking. You can quit by slowly reducing the intake, going cold turkey, or using any of the patches or gums out there. Any method that works for you is the right one.

2. Drink the Right Things

We have to limit our use of caffeine and alcohol, or better yet, leave it for good. Excessive drinking especially deteriorates the liver very quickly. During the later years, we tend to develop liver problems relatively quickly. Therefore replacing these habits with healthier alternatives is a great way to give up these habits. We should also be conscious of the times when we drink. Drinking alone should be out of question. It often leads to binge drinking, and that obviously is a path that we must avoid.

3. Sleep on Time

Sleeping late at night does more harm than good. It disrupts our circadian rhythm and destroys our mood, among other things. Seniors who sleep late tend to develop insomnia down the line, which could lead to further health issues like dementia and physical weakness. We should go to bed early and make the most of our day by making a habit of turning off the lights, keeping our phones away and turning the TV off.

Final Verdict

Eliminating vices in incremental steps is a great idea, as leaving them at once often leads to a relapse. Seniors could also consider moving in communities where other likeminded people can support us with our goals of living a happy and fulfilling life.

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