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Can Facebook Improve Your Life? Education, Socialization and Support Groups are Impactful Free Benefits

The recent advancement in technology has made the use of social media almost inevitable. Apart from their economic advantages, social media has positive implications on the health and general well being of older adults.

But despite the full acceptance of social media, many seniors still feel intimidated by the thought of using it. This is primarily due to the intellectual demand and security challenges.

That being said, the use of social media improves the cognitive capacity of older adults. It increases their sense of self-competence. Social media makes it easier for seniors to stay in touch with their loved ones. They also serve as an avenue for social interaction. You’ll be able to connect with new people and old colleagues that are a distance away.

The use of social media has much helped older adults to sustain their existing relationships with their friends and relatives. It has enhanced convenience in the life of many seniors. Getting online is a way to increase brain activity.

Research has shown that the use of the internet can enhance brain activity in older adults. The neural activity of seniors increases when they search online. Social media improves the lives of older adults by increasing their effectiveness and enables them to function longer.

Apart from connecting with family members and friends, you can also use the internet to find support groups for various issues you are living with. Engaging with a group online where you share advice and experiences can be very comforting and helpful.

Seniors who use social media can have a better perspective on life. They show fewer symptoms of depression and chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Staying socially active and engaging in mental activities can prevent you from depression.

Benefits of social media for older adults

Health – The use of social networks has been proven to be beneficial to the health and general well being of older adults. Seniors who use social media show improvement in both physical and mental capacity.

Education – Social media serve as a means of getting information about various issues they are living with. It also avails seniors the opportunity to relate with others having similar issues.

Social interaction – Isolation is a significant health concern for older adults. Social media have become useful tools that seniors can use to prevent loneliness and other depressive symptoms. It helps seniors to maintain their social interactions and keep in touch with family and friends who live far away.

As an aging adult, it advisable to make use of social networks more often. Don’t shy away and be discouraged from the use of social platforms such as Facebook. You can benefit significantly from using the internet.

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