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Feeling Stressed? Meditation Could be the Answer

Before now, meditation was considered to be an unconventional way of treatment. This was because of the majority of those that practice it used it for some kind of spiritual healing. But that’s no longer the case. Scientists have now adopted the use of meditation as a conventional method of treating chronic diseases and mood disorders.

Meditation is a well-studied practice that has shown to offer many health benefits, especially for seniors. It is commonly prescribed for older adults to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Meditation helps you to relax your mind and body.

The practice of meditation involves that you sit or lie down quietly without moving. While you remain relaxed in a motionless state, you pay little attention to thoughts that drift in and out of your mind. You experience the following during meditation:

• Rate of heartbeat reduces

• Breath slows down

• improved digestive function

• stress decreases

• blood pressure decreases, and

• decrease in the sense of tension in the body

The benefits of meditation for older adults

Meditation offer both psychological and physiological benefits for seniors. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, meditation is associated with the reduction in depression, anxiety insomnia and irritable bowel symptoms.

• Meditation can boost the memory of older adults. It helps to enhanced both short and long-term memory.

• It relieves digestive problems and symptoms

• Assists in the circulation of oxygen – It was reported in a study that people who meditate experience improved flow of oxygen in their blood. This is very important for older adults because as we grow, we develop digestion and circulation problems.

• Deep and regulated breathing leads to increased oxygen intake, which helps to boost the immune system.

• Meditation stimulates the part of the brain responsible for feeling good and happiness.

• It improves cognitive functions in older adults – Meditation is associated with the positive effect of attention, memory, executive function, processing speed and general cognition. It helps to stimulate mental alertness in seniors.

• Meditation wards off the stress that may stem from grief, chronic disease and disability. It allows seniors to organize their thinking and give them a better perspective on life. They enjoy improved focus with a relaxed and sharp mind.

Helping older adults to meditate

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of meditation, you need to include it in your daily routine. Here are a few tips you can follow to perform simple meditation.

Make it a daily routine – You can practice meditation on your own, at anywhere and anytime. Set aside at least 10 minutes of your time daily to reflect, breathe and be mindful.

Keep things simple – Meditation is not to be complicated and time-consuming. Relax your mind and focus on your breathing and the sensation you experience.

Find a quiet spot – Ensure to find a spot in your home where you practice meditation without any disturbance.

Take a deep breath – You need to focus on your breath for effective meditation. Take five deep breaths, breathe in through your nose and breathe out from your mouth. This will help you to slow your breath down and relax.

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