How Valuable Seniors are to Younger Generations

There are many benefits of connecting children and teenagers with seniors. Such relationships help to strengthen and sanitize the community. This is primarily due to the positive exchanges between older adults and their younger generations.

In the United States, almost 6 million children are living with their grandparents. And it is the seniors that are responsible for these kids. Statistics have shown that children who live with their grandparent are less likely to be involved in drugs, alcohol, or skip school.

The wisdom and life experience that older adults share with the younger generation are invaluable. These will inspire them to steer through difficult social times easily. It will prepare them for life challenges that may cross their paths.

Intergenerational connections help children to develop values, leadership, and problem-solving abilities. They develop a positive attitude towards aging, good self-esteem, a sense of purpose, and community service.

Of course, not all seniors have the opportunity to influence their grandchildren directly. Interestingly, you can get involved by joining inter-generational mentoring programs. These programs will give you the chance to connect with the younger generation. It will provide you with the opportunity to fill the generation gap existing in most families today.

Some children don’t have stable homes or an excellent relationship with their parents. As seniors, you can, through such programs, make a huge difference in their lives.

Young children benefit immensely from intergenerational relationships. They will have role models that will motivate them to acquire higher levels of learning and life skills.

Increased communication between seniors and children abolish stereotype. They both feel less alienated and more comfortable with each other. Young people who visit seniors benefit from enhanced socialization.

Getting closer to seniors will make young people have a favorable view of older adults. They’ll be more likely to respect and take good care of them.

How can you impact younger generations?

There are many ways seniors can positively impact the lives of young people. Here are a few of them.

  • Many young families are desperately in need of older adults; they crave for grandparents. Look for such family in your neighborhood and offer to fill the gap for them as an adopted grandparent. You’ll be surprised the relationship will turn out to be mutual.
  •  Encourage other seniors in your area to get involved. Let them know the desperate need of a busy young family for an adopted grandparent. With other seniors, you can collectively help mentor young children in your neighborhood.
  • Share whatever you’re good at with young people around you. Let them learn from your life long knowledge and experience. Engage them in invaluable conversations that will influence their lives.

Many seniors believe that because they are old, they have nothing of value to offer younger generations. From what we’ve mentioned above, you can see this is not true. Because you’re old does not mean life is over.

There are still a lot of things that young ones can learn from you.

That you need to rest and relax does not mean you should lead a boring retirement life.

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