Your Grocery Bill Could be On the Rise

The rising prices of food have been troubling senior Canadian citizens for a while. These people are at a serious risk of developing health problems if they haven’t attracted them already. Time has come for them to band together and look for a solution for their own betterment.

The Increasing Cost of Food in North America and Senior Citizens

Canadian statisticians reported that the price of food in North America increased exponentially in the previous year. They stated that in comparison to the last year, the price of meat rose by 6.6 percent, fresh fruits by 12.9 percent, and vegetables by 18.2 percent. This could potentially have a damaging impact on the diets of the senior citizen, essentially deteriorating their health. The Food Price Report claims that people will have to spend an extra $345 after inflation occurs. This looks like an extremely troublesome situation for seniors, most of whom do not have any active income to get by. Despite the doom and gloom, seniors should join hands and look for a solution that gives them better health with longevity.

The weak Canadian Dollar of today sees increased grocery bills for imported vegetables and fruits, two things that are crucial for a senior adult’s longevity. There has been a lot of unrest among seniors due to the rising reports of inflation and expensive healthy food rates. They are worried about their health and future. Although things look really bleak for them, there is still hope for a better life.  According to sources like Global News, Food Institute, and reputable professors, Canadian seniors bear the crux of the impact bought upon by high inflation rates due to their low incomes or pensions.

Food Secure Canada’s executive director Diana Bronson says that food with low nutritious value is cheap, while good food with high nutritious value is expensive, especially for senior citizens.

Seniors Citizens Have to Skip Meals to Save Money

Most Canadian senior citizens, who live under the line of poverty, are mostly surviving these days by relying on food banks. Although, it is a decent alternative, it is not really reliable. Seeking a permanent alternative is crucial.

Seniors, whose earnings range from middle to low, have also become casualties of the rising rates of nutritious food, they can’t afford it anymore. However, they shouldn’t fall into despair as there is hope.  

Luckily, there is a great way for seniors to spend the rest of their lives happily and without sacrificing their healthy meals for better health.

Seniors Can Enjoy Great Health and Nutritious Food in Senior Living Communities

A huge benefit for seniors who live in communities or retirement homes is that they do not have to suffer from the burden of sacrificing their diet to get nutritious food. The fees they pay to their communities include nutritious and healthy chef-prepared meals. They don’t need to give up T.V/ Internet cable or beef to afford vegetables and fresh fruit to fulfill their dietary needs. 

Final Verdict

The rising inflation costs have bought upon a lot of suffering for elders in Canada. There is no reason for the elderly to feel alone or deserted. The community around them wants them to be healthy and happy. Skipping meals to save money is not a solution to the problem. Instead, retirement homes and live in communities provide seniors with a better option to live healthily, happily, and worry-free. 

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